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For-Sale-By-Owner Tools

We Market it, You sell it!

We offer our customers a wide variety of options when it comes to selling your home.  This includes FLAT RATE MLS LISTING® as a marketing tool for individuals who want to try selling their home on their own. If your listing is not being presented on the Maine MLS®, you are missing over 87% of the buyers currently looking for homes.  Check out our package options below to see if going FSBO is right for you. 



  • Listed 6 months in Maine MLS®. 

  • Listed 6 months on, Zillow & Trulia.

  • Listed 6 months on 100+ other real estate sites.

  • Access to our FSBO transaction tools.




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  • Listed 12 months in Maine MLS®. 

  • Listed 12 months on, Zillow & Trulia.

  • Listed 12 months on 100+ other real estate sites.

  • Access to our FSBO transaction tools.




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  • Listed until sold in Maine MLS®. 

  • Listed until sold on, Zillow & Trulia.

  • Listed until sold on 100+ other real estate sites.

  • Access to our FSBO transaction tools.




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 TRF No Risk Guarantee - If you take advantage of one of our FSBO Flat Rate MLS® options and then decide to use a TRF agent to list your property - we will refund your full fees at closing.  Call TRF for more details!

Your Flat Rate MLS® Listing Will Include:

  • Time listed on MLS® based on package chosen.

  • Up to 32 photos on MLS®.

  • Listing on

  • Listing on over 100+ other websites (optional).

  • Listing on hundreds of broker websites throughout Maine.

  • Broker Listing Support throughout the process.

  • Required State Disclosure Documents for you to use.

  • You choose the Buyer's broker commission offered.

  • No listing commission fees.

  • No cancellation fees and no commission paid if you find a buyer.

  • Buyer phone and email leads are forwarded to you.

Why Choose Flat Rate MLS®?:


With our Flat Fee MLS® Listing service your home will get the same online exposure on websites that display MLS® listings, including, national websites like, and hundreds of local broker websites.

You can choose the commission you offer for buyer agents, or pay absolutely no commission if you find your own buyer not represented by an agent! With our Flat Fee Listing you won’t pay 6% or even 5%, and you’ll get the same exposure on the same MLS® that all agents, brokers, and Realtors® use, for a simple low flat fee!

With a traditional listing, you could pay about 6.0%+ commission of your home’s sale price. When you list with us using our flat fee listing, you cut out the “listing” broker commission side and only pay the buyer’s broker commission, which could save you thousands of dollars. THAT’S MORE OF YOUR EQUITY IN YOUR OWN POCKET!

If the buyer is represented by a broker, you pay the commission (you decide when you list how much you want to offer) at the closing. If the buyer is not represented, then you pay nothing more! Remember – Throughout the whole process, you always retain the right to sell your home “For Sale By Owner” and pay NO commission.

Your Flat Fee Listing will be added to the local MLS® and look the same as all other listings, with the exception of the showing instructions, which will have your contact phone for agents to call you.

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